The Conspiracies

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Editors Note: Disciples Today is publishing this brief Quiet Time series for those who would like a guide to walking through "Passion Week" in the footsteps of Jesus. Please see the other days of the week for further study: Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday.

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Wednesday: The Conspiracies

Luke 20 - 22:6: Jesus had plenty to fear upon entering Jerusalem. Yet he continued to preach boldly to the people about the will of God. Some of our greatest fears relate to other's opinions of us. Jesus was no different. Insecurities and fear can crumble us without anyone raising a hand to harm. Yet, Jesus' confidence was in God

  1. His authority was constantly questioned. Luke 20:1-8
  2. Spies tried to sabotage him with the local government. Luke 20:20-26
  3. Questioned on controversial matters: Money, resurrection, following governing authorities, his own identity, etc. Luke 20
  4. Insincere questioning to trap him. Luke 20:20, 23,26
  5. He prophecied about the destruction of Jerusalem. Luke 21:5-36
  6. One of his closest friends betrays him. Luke 22:1-6

And I think I had a bad day? Jesus knew who he was and whose he was. Like other men, he was not here to entrap and pass judement, he was here to love and to save us. He did not come to manipulate men by cunning and crafty means. He handled difficult opposition with wisdom, peaceful trust, and confidence because he knew God would deal with them. Like the poor widow, [Luke 21:1-4] he did not worry about what others' thought nor what they would do with the gift. He was only here to please God. He did not compare himself to others but merely gave himself 100% to God's will without fear of men. He was too close to God and too secure in who he was to retaliate.

God says:
1 John 4:16-18 Perfect love casts out fear.

Luke 20:25 Give to Caesar what is Caesar;s and to God what is God's.

Luke 20:36 They are God's children since they are children of the resurrection.

Luke 21:3 This poor widow has put in more than all the others. All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.

My Decisions & Actions

If I knew people were going to crucify me in two days, how would I treat them today?

When I am faced with the kind of trials Jesus had this last week of his life, how do I respond?

What can I imitate in Jesus in my most difficult test of today?

How can I imitate Jesus in how he answers his opponents?

Write your prayer for God to create Jesus' heart in specidic areas of your life.

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